Edging Services

Professional Edging Services in Melbourne

Do you want to make your lawn and garden look more aesthetic, clean and tidy? Why not try to better shape the spaces and the different surfaces? Fantastic Gardeners in Melbourne offers professional edging services that will perfectly match your desire for a personalised and more controlled feel of your garden landscaping. Forget about the overhanging grass on the pavement or driveway. Sit back and relax while the team of experienced gardeners transform the yard.

Garden edging will define where one space ends and another begins. No matter if you want the edges of the lawn trimmed and shaped or prefer adding decorative borders, we’ve got you covered. Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne will give you the best advice. Furthermore, the professionals will supply all the materials you need to make your garden looks like out of a magazine.

Why choosing our edging services in Melbourne:

  • Edging ServicesFlexible schedule - Book your edging service 7 days a week, including public holidays, at no extra charge.
  • Customisable service - We’ll design the edging service according to your personal needs and expectations. Combine it with other gardening services like mulching services, garden maintenance, lawn mowing, green waste removal or hedge trimming and get additional discounts.
  • Easy booking process - Request your service in a minute via our simple online booking form, by phone, chat or email.
  • Free quotes - Call us and get a free quote now!
  • Fully insured, experienced and reliable professionals - Rest assured that all of our specialists are fully insured, skilled and trained to provide you with the best service.

What to expect with our service:

You can count on Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne to help you with selecting the best-suited garden edging to the colours and shapes of your home and garden. Also, they will take into account the types of plants you are growing. All garden edging experts are always fully equipped with modern tools to provide a high-quality service. They work with all kind of borders available on the market. Rocks, bricks, metal, wood or plastic, whatever option you choose, we can supply them all.

After the service, the team will give you professional advice on growing healthy and thriving plants. They will leave your garden sleek and beautiful.

You’ll be completely satisfied with the benefits of the garden edging:

Garden lawn edging

  • Edging adds definition and contrast to the garden. Makes it looks professional, clean and tidy.
  • The grass won’t overgrow past the garden beds, pavement or driveway.
  • Maintenance of the garden will be much easier in the long run because of the surfaces’ separation.
  • Your lawn and garden will be in perfect harmony.


Keep in mind that joining our Fantastic Club gives you preferential rates and other benefits on all your services. Call your support team if you need further information.


  • Q: Do I need to be home?

    A: It is not necessary. You’d be able to go out, run some errands and come back at the end just to make sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction.

  • Q: Do I need to provide materials or equipment?

    A: As one of the biggest companies on the market, we take pride in the fact that we provide everything necessary for each service.

  • Q: Do you send someone to have a look at the garden first?

    A: We usually give quotes over the phone, but in some cases, we prefer to send somebody for viewing just to be sure that you’ll get the best price for the service.

  • Q: What if it's raining?

    A: All teams can perform a service even when it’s raining. But, if it’s not possible to ensure high-quality results, because of the weather, we can easily shift the appointment for you.

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