Hedge Trimming

Expert Hedge Trimming in Melbourne

Left to grow out of control, garden hedges and bushes will quickly ruin the tidy look of your garden. What’s more, it takes time, expertise and expensive gardening equipment to get them back in perfect shape, without any danger to the plant’s health. The professionals of Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne are always ready to provide you with an expert hedge trimming service!

They will carry out all the hedges, ensuring that they won’t be damaged during the process. Equipped with professional hedge trimmers, extensions, and special tools, the experts will take care of the shrubs, no matter the type or size.

With Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne You’ll Get:

  • Hedge trimmingFast and easy booking process - Book your hedge trimming service using our simple online booking system or just call us on 03 8652 1921. Our friendly sales staff is always ready to help.
  • Available for weekends and public holidays - Yes, we perform our services 7 days a week!
  • Free quote - Contact us now and get an instant quote!
  • Combine and save - Combine your hedge trimming service with other gardening services like garden maintenance, lawn mowing, tree services, gutter cleaning, green waste removal and more to get further discounts.
  • Real-time customer support - Got a question? Don't keep it to yourself. Call us to get a quick and simple answer.

Why Go With Our Hedge Trimming Services?

  • Professionally trained, fully insured and experienced gardeners - 96% of our customers are happy with the end results.
  • Our services are completely customizable - You can book just a one-off trimming service, or have it regularly. You design the service you need and it’s our responsibility to deliver it.
  • Expert advice - Feel free to take advantage of our professional gardeners and ask for advice while they are performing the service.
  • High-end equipment included in the price - We bring all the required tools and the know-how to deliver a 5-star experience no matter the condition of your hedges.
  • Healthier plants - Enjoy the results that your hedges are perfectly trimmed without any effort from your side.

Choose the Gardening Service You Need

Hedge trimming serviceIn addition to our professional hedge trimming service in Melbourne, you can choose a variety of services. We can take care of everything in your garden from full garden maintenance, lawn mowing, tree services, and green waste removal to gutter cleaning.
By combining services, you become eligible for various discounts. Get your booking now!

All the services can be performed fully contactless! On the day of the appointment, the technician will just arrive at the property and will perform the service without having to meet you.


We operate in the whole Melbourne region. Please don't hesitate to contact the Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne if your area is not listed. Below are just some of the areas we cover:


  • Q: How can I schedule an appointment?

    A: Setting up an appointment with us is simple. You can call us, or book online your whole service in just four clicks. Create an account with us and you can text us to secure the appointment.

  • Q: When can you come?

    A: We operate seven days a week, Monday-Sunday, with bank holiday appointments available too. Weather is not a problem for us - we can provide you with service even if the weather is bad

  • Q: Will you need access to electricity?

    A: Not at all. We use top-notch petrol equipment. Only if patio cleaning is required will access to water and electricity be necessary.

  • Q: Do you take away all the generated waste?

    A: Yes, of course. If the client has a green bin onsite, we take the green waste for free and if not - we can take out the green waste to the most suitable waste depot at an additional price.

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