Tree Services

Melbourne Tree Services with Healthy Aesthetics in Mind

Healthy trees are beautiful trees. The educated technicians of Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne will groom and trim yours into big hardy specimens worthy of being the centrepiece of your garden. Additionally, we will give you peace of mind, knowing you won’t be surprised by dry old branches crashing down unexpectedly. Tree surgery is sometimes as serious as it sounds. Before anything else, however, the tree experts will carry out an inspection to assess the trees in question and advise you on the best course of action with safety and aesthetics in mind.

What More Does Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne Give You

Doing a fantastic job is simply not enough for us. This is why the expertise of the gardeners is supplemented by our company wide benefits:

  • Тhe technicians are fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about a thing
  • We offer free quotes over the web-chat or phone, so you can make a better choice
  • The tree experts use top notch equipment to ensure quality results
  • We have slots available for weekends and public holidays, with your convenience in mind

It gets better. We offer a number of deals and discounts when you package services together. Ring our customer advisers to find out more and discuss any details before you book.

Take Care of Your Trees With One Call

There’s always a lot to be done around the garden, but Fantastic gardeners are qualified to do it all for you. The full extent of garden maintenance also covers lawn mowing and green waste removal. As for the tree services:


This includes several tasks:
  • Pruning and lopping of unhealthy branches which is essential for the healthy growth of woody plants.
  • Shaping the crown of your trees will not only make the plant look better but it will also reduce the risk of damage by wild branches to your property.
  •  If there are any fallen branches or even whole trees, the tree service professionals will help remove them from your plot.
The professionals can also plant new trees in your yard. They will check the size of the property, type of soil and the fertility to choose the best location. We can give you professional advice on any trees you already have on your property too.