Expert Gardeners in the Cranbourne Area

First-class Gardening Service in Cranbourne

Do you wish for a well-maintained garden, but lack the time to invest in it? Enjoy your life again while the Fantastic gardeners in Cranbourne take care of the full maintenance of your outdoor space. Regardless of the size of your garden, you can be certain that we have hard-working and skilful professionals who can handle any job.

By hiring one of our insured gardening specialists, you get:

Gardening specialist

  • Experience and attention to detail
  • Convenient hourly-based price rates
  • Full range of services from mulching to hedge trimming
  • Provided gardening equipment with the service

We can cover all your gardening needs, from looking after your garden to mowing the lawn and getting rid of green waste. There is a range of additional services you can take advantage of, upon requests, such as gutter cleaning and pressure washing, as well.

Your Top Gardening Service - Step-by-step

We always listen to our customers’ preferences and recommendations and we strive to provide a five-star experience every time. Once you book gardening service with us, this is what you can expect:

  • A gardener will arrive at your property fully equipped and ready to start working. Access to your outdoor area will have to be provided.
  • Inspection of the garden will follow.
  • The gardener will strictly follow your instructions on what needs to be done. You can share those with us in advance, so we can pass them on to the professional.
  • The specialist will begin with the gardening tasks you consider a priority. If by any chance, these are finished before the booked time is over, then additional work will be done to cover the hours.

Note: Despite the coronavirus outbreak, you can rest assured that it is still possible to receive a gardening service from us. You don’t have to meet and greet our professionals, only list your requirements in advance. They will come wearing protective gear and carry out the tasks while you stay in the comfort of your home. Your garden will be fully taken care of!

Expert Lawn Mowing in Cranbourne

Does your lawn need a thorough makeover? Do you wish to take a break from the tedious yard maintenance work? Fantastic Gardeners offers you an easy solution. Let us look after your lawn, as we have experts who can take over the mowing, along with the extra tasks.


Often times a lawn needs special grooming sessions. The specialists will make sure that all borders of your outdoor green space are trimmed and presentable, and that no weeds are taking residence there.

Weed removal

Any unwanted plants in your lawn will be removed from the roots. The gardeners carry their own tools and the necessary equipment to guarantee your lawn’s healthy growth.

Professional Green Waste Removal in Cranbourne

Collecting and removing green waste can be a real pain, especially when you’ve been doing a serious garden clean up. Fantastic Gardeners are available for the quick packing and transportation of the accumulated green rubbish.

The professionals can service any property in Cranbourne, providing the necessary bags and bins if you don’t have such available. All green waste in the form of leaves, branches, grass clippings and others will be collected by the gardeners, so you can enjoy a neat and clean backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is electricity needed for the service?

    A: No, it is not needed. The gardeners operate with specialised petrol equipment. However, in case you wish to have a pressure cleaning service, as well, electricity and water will be required.

  • Q: Can I have some gardening work done on the weekend?

    A: Professional gardening services can be performed from Monday to Sunday. Regardless if it’s the weekend or a bank holiday, you can count on us.

  • Q: Can I get a quote first?

    A: All you have to do is contact us, either over the phone or through the chat, and tell us about your garden’s current condition and needs. If the job is more extensive or specific, a viewing can be done or you could just take photos and send them to us to save time.

  • Q: Will you clean up the green waste after the service?

    A: We always tidy up after ourselves. If you happen to have a green waste bin, we will collect and dispose of the green rubbish there. If not, then we can also arrange a green waste removal service, which will cost a little extra.

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