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Your gardening services in Narre Warren

Get your garden in the perfect condition by booking professional gardening services in Narre Warren.

Why do you need to hire someone to fix your yard? Because you will have the best results with zero effort!

Here are a few more reasons:

  • Save a lot of time! Your lawn needs mowing every other week, weeds should be taken care of once or twice per month, mulching, trimming - all of this means that you will have to spend hours and hours in your garden and who has time for that?
  • Save space from all the equipment - for proper maintenance you will need a lawn mower or at least a whipper snipper, shovels, rakes, hoes, bags of fertilizer.
  • Your plants will be healthier than ever. We have all the skills and knowledge for taking care of your garden. So relax and enjoy!

It does really take a lot of work to maintain a garden. Not everyone has the spare time: from maintaining a regular job, taking care of your home and family, as well as the very important self-care hours. The garden could be your least of concerns.

If you want, you can book us for just one time. Call us on 03 8652 1921 or use the booking form. Tell us what you want in detail. You can send pictures too. And if you are happy, you can get regular maintenance - fortnightly or monthly, which will save you money too.

The Fantastic Gardeners

The gardeners are fully equipped. They all have protective gear - masks, gloves, overshoes (if they need to go through your property), glasses. That’s not only because of job requirements but also to guarantee your safety in these virus-spreading times.

Everyone has full insurance, is police checked and gone through training. When they come, they are not only there to do a job, but to give you advice for different plants and maintenance tips and tricks. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Lawn mowing services in Narre Warren

Do you want to have a lawn as beautiful as they show on the telly? That lush green like on a football or cricket field. There is a secret to that look - hours and hours of rigorous work.

You need to regularly trim the grass, at the right length, the right time, with the right tools. It takes dedication and time. But it totally pays off when you come home every day and see that bright green grass, welcoming you to your house. Or when you have that barbie party and the neighbour congratulates you.

If you don’t have the time or the tools, Fantastic Gardeners can help you. We do professional lawn mowing services on a regular or one-off basis, depending on your needs.

The benefits are that we will always have the right tools and skills. You won’t waste time and you will get the best results possible.

Green Waste removal in Narre Warren

When we are done with the gardening and lawn mowing, we will take care of the green waste left behind. A green bin makes things easy. But if you don’t have one, we will fill a few bags with the green waste and dispose of it in the proper locations.

And if you simply need garden waste removal, you can contact us and we will do it for you. The service is not connected with the rest of our gardening ones, so you can book it separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will you do the service if it’s raining?

    A: If the conditions are not best to perform the best service we can easily reschedule.

  • Q: Are you fully insured?

    A: Yes, we are.

  • Q: Do I have to be around?

    A: Not necessarily. If you provide access to your garden and have given us clear instructions of what you need, we can do the job without you being present.

  • Q: How do I pay?

    A: By card. We want the service to be contactless, so cash is not an option.

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