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Garden maintenance in Pakenham

Everyone wants a great looking garden, right? So how can you achieve this? Well, all you need is 4-5 hours every week, a few tools like lawn mowers, shovels, spades, trimmers and shears, some good fertiliser, a lot of practice, lots of reading and watching online videos.

Or you can simply call garden maintenance professionals in Pakenham to do all the work for you. Call 03 8652 1921 or book online and provide us with the needed information - regularity of the service, garden size, condition, green waste preference and your priorities. These could include lawn mowing, weeding, bush or tree pruning, hedge trimming, edging, planting or more.

Then you will be informed about the approximate time needed to do the job, you will choose a time slot and you will get the final price for the service. It takes only about a minute from your time and the rest is up to us.

Then the gardener will come to your place. Each technician is:

  • Fully insured;
  • Very experienced;
  • Police checked;
  • Equipped with masks, gloves, glasses, because we believe in safety.

What you will benefit from in the end:

  • A lot of free time;
  • Great looking garden with healthy plants;
  • Tips for maintenance;
  • More space in your home, because you won’t need all the gardening tools.

Lawn Mowing Services in Pakenham

Many people don’t have a big garden with trees, bushes, lots of flowers. But what most Australian houses do have is a lawn. Almost every house in Pakenham has a front yard and a backyard covered with nice green grass.

And we will take a wild guess and suppose that you don’t want to leave your lawn to become dry and pale, with wild uneven grass and bald spots. So to keep your green space the pride and joy of your home, you will need to take care of it regularly. However, that takes a bit of practice, dedication, time and love. It’s not just cutting grass and believing that will be enough. To get that football field green look you need the proper mower with very sharp blades. The proper soil, correct technique, bit of know-how and regular maintenance.

Here is how Fantastic Gardeners can help you.

You can book us for a one-off service or for regular visits. We will come with all the equipment necessary to make your grass lush and beautiful. After a few hours, we’ll be done and you will enjoy your beautiful lawn once more.

Depending on the condition of your lawn, it could take a few sessions to bring it back to its former glory. Bald spots or pale grass can’t be fixed just like that.

Green Waste Removal in Pakenham 3810

If you have done the garden maintenance yourself and you’re wondering how to dispose of all the green waste in your yard, look no further than our green waste removal services.

Contact us to come and collect the rubbish. If you have a green bin, we will simply put it there. But if you don’t, we are prepared with bags and will take the garden waste to the correct facilities.

Green waste removal can also be part of our services like garden maintenance and lawn mowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I pay?

    A: By card.

  • Q: Do I have to be in the property for the service?

    A: No. You just have to give us access to the yard and a list of your priorities.

  • Q: Do you need electricity?

    A: Not at all. All of our tools are petrol-powered. Only if you want jet washing, then we will need electricity for the power washer.

  • Q: Do you work on bank holidays?

    A: Yes we do. There is no extra charge for bank holidays or weekend appointments.

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