Lawn Mowing in Niddrie

Lawn Mowing in Niddrie

  • Location: Niddrie
  • Postal code: 3042
  • Hours: 2
  • Guarantee: 1 Month
  • Price: $140
Many people find mowing the lawn on a Sunday morning neither relaxing nor fun. If that is your case, you can always give us a call, just like our client in Niddrie did. As part of the service, he requested edging, weeding and line trimming. Things, you can't do with just your lawnmower and if you don't have the knowledge you should call the experts. Our client was a smart man and was fully aware of that. So, he asked for our help.
Please, keep in mind the total price may vary. This is an estimated price for this particular project. Our prices depend on the size of your property, the job you want to be done, our coverage and availability.

Step by Step:

  • Our Arrival
  • Mowing and Weeding
  • Edging
  • Line Trimming
  • Conclusion

When we arrived at the property we met the owner. He gave us the list of priorities and we discussed the work he wants to be done. The gardener measured the exact size of the lawn and started preparing the equipment. After that, he started working.

The gardener started by inspecting the lawn and determined what type the grass is, what are its requirements to grow healthy and at what height should it be mowed. He adjusted the mowing height of the mower and started working.

The second step of the project was taking care of the weeds. Their type had to be determined, too, so the most appropriate weed killer could be used. A piece of advice - the best way to get rid of weeds is to take proper regular care of your lawn.

When the gardener finished with the initial tasks, it was time to do the edges of the lawn. Usually, you can edge your lawn with a pair of vertical cutting shears, but the experienced gardener had a gas-powered edger, that allowed the job to be done much more quickly and efficiently.

*Edging is a vertical cut made in a straight line along the grass boundaries between sidewalks and driveways. It is done, so your lawn looks finely groomed along the borders and also to prevent grasses from growing outside their boundaries.

Line trimming needs to be done for areas, which the lawnmower cannot access. In order to level the remaining grass, the gardener used a professional-grade, gas-powered trimmer. Trimming can be tricky. If you trim more than the necessary amount, the grass will look scalped and even worse than it did beforehand. Luckily, the gardener knew what he was doing.

* Trimming is the horizontal cut done near benches, mailboxes, flowerbeds and any other obstacles that might get in the way of the lawnmower.

When everything was done, the client inspected the job and confirmed that he was completely satisfied. He also had some questions about his garden, which the gardener happily answered. One of the many bonuses of being our client is that you can always get free advice.

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