Red Flowering Gum

Red Flowering Gum

Red flowering gum, also known as Corymbia Wild Sunset is an ornamental tree from the eucalyptus family. It is native to south coastal Western Australia. It has many varieties and we love all of them. They are hardy and easy to care for - perfect for every garden. Their beautiful flowers definitely deserve to be the centre of attention.

Red Flowering Gum Taxonomy












Corymbia ficifolia

Red flowering gum is a light-loving plant. It likes full sun but can also tolerate partial shade.

It grows best in moist to dry soil with a loamy or sandy texture.  It prefers slightly acidic to highly alkaline soil pH.

It is also drought-tolerant, which makes it very desirable as a flowering accent tree.

It rarely grows large enough to require pruning.

It’s best to fertilise Red flowering gums in early spring.

Important: Native plants are usually very sensitive to phosphorous. That is why it is important to stay away from fertilisers with phosphorous lever more than 3%.

Also, you can improve the soil with composted cow manure. Thus, you’ll improve the drainage and help root development. 

Red flowering gum is pretty good at attracting birds and bees, but unfortunately, it also attracts many pests.

It is susceptible to Armillaria, Root Rot, Armillaria, Invasive Shot Hole Borer, Phytophthora and Beetle Borers.

However, you can be sure that Verticillium and Texas Root Rot will stay away from it.

Red flowering gum has many varieties and the size of the tree depends on which variety it belongs to. Most common varieties are between 3 and 7 metres. In general, the tree can grow up to 10m.

Gum trees usually flower between December and January in clusters of 4 do 14. The colours vary according to the type of gum tree. They can be any shade between pale cream, through pink, to red, orange or deep crimson. The flower buds appear between eleven and twelve months before flowering.

Gum trees are usually rapid growers. They reach about 60% of their total growth during the first 10 years. You don’t think that defines as rapid? Keep in mind that they can live up to 250 years.

Most popular Red Flowering Gums:

MINI RED - small rounded tree with a dense crown; red flowers on red stems, tolerant of coastal conditions;

WILD SUNSET - rounded crown and dense foliage; bright orange-red flowers; good for urban planting;

WILDFIRE - rounded crown, dense foliage; vibrant red flower; great front garden option; 

CALYPSO - dense, rounded crown; salmon-pink flowers; olive-green leaves; 

    FAIRY FLOSS - pale pink flowers; dark green leaves; adapts well to moist soil;

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